Use The Shape Of Your Face For A Great Hair Style

If you’re having trouble finding a hair style that suites you, start by looking at the shape of your face. Some cuts and styles are more flattering on certain facial structures. Your hair is a frame for your face, so the right hair cut can make you look younger, fresher and more attractive.

Round faces tend to have subtle cheekbones. Using a short and shaggy hair cut to define your cheeks and brows works well to bring out some depth in your face. Hair that falls straight down doesn’t work well, so add some layers or staggering around the sides and bangs.

Oval faces look good in almost any cut. Depending on what you choose to emphasize, you can add length to your face by having long hair that’s all one length, or shorten your face by adding some flowing bangs. Oval faces work well with ponytails, french braids and up-do’s.

Square faces have hard lines which need to be softened with plenty of staggered layers. Long, straight cuts might give you a robotic look, so go for body and bounce. Square faces look great in layered waves or slightly curly hair.

Rectangle faces are long and skinny, somewhat similar to an oval but with a stronger jaw line and more defined structure. Broad across the chin and forehead, this type of face needs a cut that will give it some roundness. Shoulder length hair is the best length for this type, and you should try adding some layers and soft curls to soften your features.

Heart or triangle shaped faces have fabulous high cheekbones and a slim jaw and chin. Lots of bangs are good for you to make the forehead less obvious. Heart shaped faces look great in shorter styles with lots of fun layers. You should stay away from teasing combs at the top of your head though, because the added height will only broaden your forehead.

Once you’ve narrowed down the shape of your face, try an internet site that allows you to try on hairstyles. Upload your picture and test out different hair styles so you can find a style, cut and even colour that will bring out the best features in your face.

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Hair Extensions Help to Enhance Style and Beauty- Info

The quality and features of hair extensions have been developed greatly over time and today, you can pick out the branded products that are professionally crafted to complement the look and feel of the natural hair. They are manufactured with natural human hair and colored with high quality synthetic fibers that perfectly match with the natural color of your own hair. Temporary and permanent models are now being used by both men and women according to their needs.

Made with features like high durability, ease of wearing, lightweight etc, the new hair extensions of today has become one of the highly preferred styling products of today within the shortest time. When it comes to its proper wearing, it takes only lesser time when compared to the time required for straightening, curling and for other types of styling processes. This product is just the ideal choice for busy career women who need something new that can make them beautiful but saves their time as well. Whenever you need to go out for a party or any public occasion, you can easily put it on within a matter of seconds. Once you properly clip it on your head, no one can detect whether they are the real one or artificial one. You can choose the extension that complements your natural hair color so that it cannot be distinguished easily. Today, you have numerous resources to shop for your favorite product such as both online and retail shopping. You will also find a tremendous collection that can be picked out according to the variety of their lengths, colors, textures etc.

You can pick out hair extensions of different styles so that you can change the styles occasionally. If you wish, you can even style your hair using styling tools to acquire straight, curly or flipping styles. They can also be colored and permed as they do not become damaged like the ordinary wigs and other extensions. Hair extensions are therefore one of the best ones that can provide you with the best looking hair with the blend of health and beauty for a longer time.


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Hair Extensions To Enhance The Style And Beauty- Report

Several advanced beauty care products are available today that ranges from hair care products and skin care products to hair extensions, styling tools, beauty and make up kits etc to enhance the style and beauty of a person. There are various products introduced daily with the intention of addressing the different hair issues reported today. The busy lifestyle for women gives them less time for taking care of their hair due to which several damage issues are being arising. Fortunately, there are extensions that can be used to hide the horrible conditions and come up with a natural looking hair of any hairstyle you choose.

Hair extensions have now become one of the best selling items in the product line. They are made with high quality fibers and human hair that give the look and feel of the natural hair. They are now largely demanded by busy career women having less time for cutting and styling. Popular manufacturers have now joined hands with famous celebrities in promoting hair extensions that come in different styles, lengths and colors of hair pieces to choose from. These products help women to hide the defects and bad condition of their hair. It can also be put on easily whenever you require to without the help of a hair stylist. The ease for wearing these products has made it easy for women to try it out.

Hair extensions of popular brands are available in both synthetic and natural forms. You can choose from the length of hair that you prefer as about four synthetic versions of the products are available today. They are made light weight so that they fit easily on your head. It offers more control and women who are embarrassed with their uncontrollable hair can use it for special occasions. You can also wear it for more time as it remains properly when correctly clipped on your hair. Different shades of extensions that suit the natural hair are available. Those who have no enough time to color their hair can buy these extensions of different trendy colors. But in order to ensure its long life, the hair piece should be care and maintained properly. Natural human extensions can be treated with shampoos, color enhancers, conditioners and serum like the natural hair for added beauty and appeal.

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How to Get a Wavy Hair Style Using a Flat Iron- Review

Creating a good hairstyle is now possible within a blink of eye with the help of a good quality flat iron. Let whatever be your signature hairstyle, you can style your hair to suit your specific personality and taste so that the time spent before the mirror would be saved. Messy, beachy curls are something that every young girl would love to accomplish. Beachy curls will give you a sexy and naughty look, especially when you are out to a holiday trip. If you have with you a two in one professional ceramic flat iron, you need not have to purchase a curling iron separately. You can create different types of curls in whatever style you prefer by using different sizes of detachable barrels. A one inch barrel would be perfect to get those beachy waves on your hair. It is simple to acquire that cherished style with a flat iron if you have some creativity and patience in you.

To acquire a wavy hairstyle, you will require things like a ceramic blow dryer, round teeth comb, hair styling products, heat protecting products, and clips to hold the hair along with a professional ceramic flat iron. Since you require loose curls for acquiring the wavy style, you should always choose a 1 inch barrel size for curling the hair. To ensure that you get the maximum output with brilliant results, you have to first set the temperature to its maximum that is required for loose curls. But always start to apply the iron on the hair that is washed with scalp cleansing shampoo and conditioned with leave-in moisturized conditioner. These hair preparations are highly mandatory to safeguard the health and natural moisture of your hair. A clean and moisturized hair will respond in the best way to a flat iron so that you get amazingly curled hair to suit your style.

After dividing the hair into small section, glide the flat iron through the hair in such a way that you go on creating loose curls at every end. If you wish to acquire messy curls, you can randomly clamp the iron to different directions. Give it a soft touch of wax for that natural shine after curling.


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Wedding Day Hairstyles: How To Style Your Hair For The Big Day!

Not sure how to style your hair on the big day? Choosing your wedding hairstyle shouldnt get your veil in a bunch! You want to look your best, and we want to help, here are the top tips to turn your mane into a wedding-day do.

Dont do anything outrageous! Sure youve always wanted to try a Mohawk a  month before your wedding is not the time for a big change. Save the daring look for when the ring is on your finger.
Go with a natural colour. If your hair is brown, this is probably not the best time to go platinum. Highlights: good. Bleaching whole head: bad.
Do test runs! Make sure you book those hair appointments at a beauty salon for test runs a minimum of 6 weeks before your wedding. Hearing Surprise from your hairdresser the day of wont be pleasant.
Compliment your dress, dont compete with it. Your hairstyle should be an extension of your dress, not a whole new showpiece. If you are sporting a ballgown, an updo is the way to go; if you are looking romantic in soft flowing layers, wearing your hair down in loose curls looks dreamy.
Come to terms with your hairs personality. Everyones hair has a nasty side. Whether its flaw is frizziness, crazy curls or cowlicks, be sure to make peace with it and choose a hairdo that will finesse, not fight, with your hairs worst enemies. Talk to your stylist about how to style hair like yours and follow directions!
Choose a hairdo you can handle. A mile-high beehive may not be the answer if you plan to dance the night away Choose something you are prepared to keep in check all night.
Respect the elements. If your hair tends to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture and youre marching down the aisle outdoors, leaving it loose on a rainy day may not work in your favour. If youre outdoors, consider Mother Nature as a consultant to your style.
Veil or no veil Your veil, tiara or headdress is essential to your style. Make sure it accompanies you on your test runs and that is can be easily and naturally worked in to your hair. Also, be sure that your headdress fasteners will stay in place all night.
Go with the flow Did you write Black-tie on the invite? Make sure your hair reflects your wedding theme.

Formal = updo
Semi-formal = casual up-do or hair half-up
Casual = just make sure you take the rollers out of your hair!

This is the most important rule: do what you feel comfortable with! Its your day girl so have fun! (Just remember your wedding pictures will be ion your wall forever)

Lilly Gordon is a freelance web author and publisher who enjoys writing on a variety of topics. She currently resides in Edmonton and is researching budgets, brides and Edmonton spa services.

Change Your Style Using Permanent Hair Extensions

Do you think you’re one of the people who are hesitant of having their hair cut simply because they worry that if it doesn’t turn out well they have to endure it for the next 3 to 5 months? Nicely, that kind of be concerned and concern is really a thing of the past since hair extensions got into the world of beauty and fashion. Now, nearly everybody has heard of those, but have you seen everlasting versions of those?

If you’ve short head of hair, or if you cut your hair short and discovered out that it isn’t truly the appear for you personally, the remedy for such are permanent hair extensions. Although wigs can do the job just as well, it could be a hassle and needlessly time consuming to put 1 on and take it off everyday. Everlasting hair extensions, on the other hand, is simply like having long head of hair – no putting on and taking off each and every time you wish to go somewhere or just outside your home. But then how do these products get the job done?

In the event you opt to have a permanent head of hair extension, you actually attach these, which is actually much more like fusing it, to your real head of hair with a special type of glue. The glue used is not the ones you use in school or in making arts and crafts. It is actually protein glue that’s safe to use and won’t harm your scalp and hair. Some of those permanent exts are sold as is and you’ll need to purchase the protein glue separately, while there are a variety which are sold, pre-tipped with protein glue.

The pre-tipped exts will require you to get hold of a hair connector tool which heats up the hardened protein glue so that it can stick to your genuine head of hair. These extensions will usually last for at least 3 months up to about 5 or 6 months. Basically, that is sufficient time for you to grow your hair back, or perhaps alter to another look. So usually, with everlasting exts, you can alter your appear in, literally, just a flash.

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Men Hair Style and Men’s Face Shape Hairstyles Tips

Mens Hairstyles are not as complex as women’s hairstyles but there are still many ways to do your hair if you are a guy.

There are many factors such as age, style, and clothes to name a few that can effect what hairstyles will seem good on you.

The most about point for men is hair loss. Many men face it and it can turn out to be a very emotional and demanding period as men start to lose their hair.

Men’s Face Shape Hairstyles Tips

Officially, men, like women, can have the next broadly distinct face shapes although it should be noted that the greater part of human faces do not efficiently fall into one clear cut shape.

Everyone has a very exceptional face that can take on one of more primary shapes.  It should also be noted that face shapes can continually change.

1.  Oval
2.  Round
3.  Triangular
4.  Square
5.  Pear-shaped
6.  Oblong/rectangular
7.  Diamond
8.  Combination of shapes

Hairstyles for Round Face Men

These hair cuts can add complexity and make the face come into view less round. Short hairstyles look enhanced on men with round faces.

1.  The Buzz cut This hairstyle give guys a look that conveys style and organization. It is a popular style that is simple to maintain. Men will like the ease of being able to shower and go. This look is seen often in hairless and military men but works well for round face men, too.

2.  The Wispy cut This fashion trend will elongate a round face and bring attention toward the hairstyle and away from the richness of the face.

Long Hairstyle for Men

For men bearing in mind long hairstyles, a few clothes should be considered first.  While long hairstyles for men are more suitable these days, there are still those who do not like it.

These people may be in position of hiring or promote for jobs, for example, so it is worth investigating whether a company of interest has any hiring policies concerning hair length.

Men’s Short Hairstyles

In a recent Men’s Health periodical it was stated that Men’s Short Hair Styles and Men’s Curly Hair Styles are back and I believe it.

In recent months when you appear around men’s hair is only receiving shorted.

This is not just because of an aging inhabitants and people going bald! Men are choosing to go with shorter hair for a number of reasons as well as:

1.  Our Summers are Hotter

2.  Hair cuts are receiving more expensive

3.  Gel and Product to hold hair in place is not cheap

4.  And hey the girls favor short or curly hair in my opinion
Trendy Hairstyles for Men

A hairstyle can make or break the way we look. There are times when little men end up spending hours groom their hair.

They know that the hairstyle they sport plays a great role in production them look good. There are styles that you memorize being worn by the young men in your family.

Spiky Hairstyles for Men

You can have different looks depending on the type of spiky hairstyle you choose. You can make it look messy spikes, ruffled spikes, blunt spikes, and even the very neat and tidy spikes for the expert environments.

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Brazilian hair wefts are the hot new style this season

Models, actresses and other hair conscious people are often seen in magazines, newspapers, TV portraying the positives of the newly launched products and the effects that they have had after the use of these on their hair. It’s said that hair should be well taken care of depending upon the climate of one city to another. Otherwise serious hair problems can lead to baldness. Brazilian hair wefts are one category that have truly become famous & popular in Europe and is the most common trend of styling amongst women. However most of the women prefer straight hair depending upon their choice. So it is important not to use blow dryers or other similar equipments which last long only till the next hair wash. For this reason many new techniques have been discovered to give that glossy, shiny and perfect look to the hair. Our hair usually comprises of 88% keratin which is a kind of a protein that is found mostly in hair but also in nails and skin. There are various methods of hair extension. From clipping onto original hair to fusing them together, you can choose whatever way works best for you.

Most of the women today have opted for the Brazilian hair to get that glossy, long and bouncy look adding on to the beauty of their original hair without any side effects. This process is painless and easy and you can color your hair in whatever shade you want. However there are various things that need to be kept in mind after you have chosen the Brazilian wefts. You should regularly visit the salon after every 6-8 weeks so that your wefts are taken out and put back against your scalp in an appropriate manner.

Brazilian wefts are considered to be one of the most commonly used wefts in Europe as they are very popular. Wefts are considered to be the best among different hair extensions. It is the most natural method of hair extension. The extensions are attached to the head by sewing them into a tiny braid made out of the natural hair. It doesn’t really matter if the count of hair on your head is less, wefts are the best way to overcome it & make your hair more appealing. As mentioned earlier, these wefts can be colored into various shades. Brazilian wefts from the South American donors is often dark and hence the maximum color shade that can be applied on to them is till 8. However the various shades are 1, 1b, 2, 4, 6 and 8. These hair are usually thin and bouncy along with being a bit wavy. Hence to avoid dryness and shedding, special care needs to be taken care of them.

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Teen Celebrity Hairstyles – How to Style Your Hair Like the Celebrities

Today we find most teens willing to experiment with glamorous, fun looks, especially due to strong influence of Hollywood stars. Also, times have changed and we see a lot of teens yearning for celebrity hairstyles and wanting to style, cut and color their hair and go the glam way. Here are some easy-to fix hairdos that will give teens celebrity hairstyles.

Currently one of the cool hairstyles for young guys is ‘quiff’. The hair can be long and short from the back but the sides need to be trimmed really short. Another style is ‘mullet’ where the crown is disheveled in look and the back is long. Both these hairstyles keep the look hip but simple.

For girls who like to keep their hair long and go in for low maintenance hairstyles, can opt for few long layers with a fringe. Simply wash and blow dry with a loose wave, this will give a natural and shiny look to the hair.

For a retro-revamp hairstyle, long sleek and full of shine hair is blow-dried smooth and then curled with large tongs or curlers from the middle lengths to the ends in large sections.

To give your hair the in cut, the hair is chopped and trimmed to create a thick Joan of Arc face-framer in bob or in long hair usually with a fringe.

Pull your hair tightly back from the face into a tight bun, chignon or ponytail; braids and plaits and still make a style statement. Pulling your hair up tightly will peel away pounds. You will be surprised at how much slimmer your face looks this way. Here are some Teen celebrity hairstyle tips and tricks for creating curls.

For soft curls, use large-sized rollers all over your head, for gentle waves use large-sized rollers on the sides. Let the crown remain as it is. For a bouffant look, which adds volume, use four to six big-sized rollers perpendicular to your forehead on the crown, for a tossed salad look, which is ideal for a blunt cut, use large-sized rollers parallel to your forehead.

Rollers serve a single function – to make flat, limp hair look curly and voluminous. Use then to create a mass of curls, add waves or merely twirl a strand or two. The type of rollers you choose depends not only on your hair type but also on the look you are aiming for. The size of the roller is more important than what kind it is. It is also a good option to accessorize your hair. Pick from a range of headbands or caps, thick ribbon wraps and studded hairpins.

Follow these never ever do’s to get a good teen celebrity hairstyle.

Don’t wind the roller up too tightly as you could end by damaging your hair.

Never neglect the ends. Roll them completely into the rollers. Else, they will stick out and ruin your finished look and there’s nothing worse than that.

Don’t comb your hair after taking the rollers off. Instead use your fingers to comb softly for a more natural look.

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Learn Hairstyling The Quick Way – How to Style Different Types of Hair

Even though everyone has their very own unique hair, many people can wear the same hairstyle quite attractively. The style is dependent on other factors such as face shape, and length or curly or straight. The Professional hairdresser has to be aware of many factors when it comes to styling. Many clients will leave their hairstyle up to the discretion of the stylist. One of the important aspects of picking a good style for a client is not only to be able to determine the shape of her face but also know which style will complement that shape and whether the style will demand a certain cut.

A stylist not only has to be aware of one particular style for a specific shaped face she or he must be knowledgeable in numerous styles for that face shape. Otherwise, every client with a round face for example would be walking out of that salon with the exact same hair do.

Not only the face shape has to be considered so does the texture and volume of the hair. The cut is critical to the particular hairstyle and must be able to take into the account the amount of wave if any in the natural hair. Much can be done with the cut to add volume to hair that is normally flat and straight. The cut can emphasis the natural curls in hair or it can minimize them. Whatever the requirement is the cut can accommodate provided the stylist knows her techniques.

With today’s hair, technology general hair care products have become more adept at assisting in the styling of the hair. The products are able to hold the more funky styles stiff in any shape the client wants. Foam products such as mousse in small amount can add fullness to the hair and in the larger amounts acts as a stiffener as well. Gel is a great product for relaxing curls and making them more manageable. Again though this products are only as good as the professional applying them. If an incorrect cut has taken place even this products cannot create the appearance of the error.

It is very important that the stylist work with the client. Often a client will ask for the impossible. Meaning they will see a beautiful short hairstyle full of curls with a particular length and cut. Their hair maybe very straight and much shorter than in the picture but they don’t understand why they cannot have that identical look. As the stylist, you must patiently explain to the client what the limitations of that style are. Try to find a few alternatives along the same line as what the client wanted. Most often, the client will go with your recommendations.

If you have the easy client that just leaves the style up to you that makes life easier in some senses. It would be wise to get a general idea of what the client likes and dislikes or else after completion, the client may be very unhappy. When your client is leaving your salon you want to be sure, she is pleased and going to speak highly of your services.

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