Step By Step Process Of Hair Transplant

In the modern world, the human beings are affected with a barrage of health problems. In some cases, these problems might lead to serious consequences. If in any case these problems do not result in a serious consequence then they might lead an individual to get into a phrase of deep depression.

Two of the most common health related problems that can cause severe depression are obesity, baldness. Men may become subject to ridicule if they have to face baldness at an early age. Especially for those men who are linked to professions like anchoring, show hosting, acting or even playing, baldness may become a hindrance.

Hair transplants, particularly the process known as Follicular Unit Transplant, are becoming very popular with men experiencing male pattern baldness and looking to restore a natural looking full head of hair. However, many people considering this process are put off by the myths and uncertainty around this process. To clarify any misconceptions, here is a simple step by step guide to the five stages of a modern hair transplant:

Broadly speaking there are two types of hair transplant procedure. One is a traditional method while the other one is a more modern and recent method. These are

– Strip Harvesting: This is the traditional method of hair restoration process. In this process, a strip of the scalp is cut. That strip is expected to contain healthy hair follicles. This piece of scalp is then cut into smaller pieces. The finely chopped scalp is known as graft. The graft is then transplanted on to that portion of the scalp that is prone to excessive hair loss and baldness. This procedure of hair transplant surgery leaves a deep scar as a portion of the scalp is stripped off.
– Follicular Unit Transplant: This is the modern and the more recent method of hair transplant procedure. In this method, microscopic follicles of the healthy hair are taken carefully and transplanted carefully on to that portion of the scalp that is experiencing hair loss. This process of hair transplant surgery does not leave any scar.

A hair transplant is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your hair, to regain your natural hairline, increase your confidence and make you more attractive. Once the donor hair follicles are implanted in the balding area, they should continue to grow permanently as they would have done in the back of the head.

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