Hair Loss Causes and Symptoms Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Hair Loss Solution

For some, hair loss is a temporary condition while for others, it is inevitable. In some cases, it can be a sign that you are suffering from things like stress, hormonal imbalance or infection. Although hair loss is more common in men than in women, it does not mean that hair loss prevention methods will be any different. Here are some helpful hair loss prevention tips that you should follow in order to enjoy healthy hair.

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Most hair loss and baldness is hereditary and there really isn’t any way to prevent it. Other things, however, can cause you to lose hair and if you don’t have baldness in your family, you could find yourself getting a little light on top if you don’t prevent it. If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have a family history of needing a toupee, then take some simple precautions and be sure to take good care of your hair.

Hair can be lost to improper care and damage. If you over color your hair, over style it, or abuse it with irons and blow dryers too often, you could be in line for some major fall out. Hair shouldn’t be colored any more often than every six to eight weeks and you should avoid it altogether if possible. While hair coloring doesn’t make everyone’s hair fall out, it does do damage and you will have healthier hair if you don’t color it. Try not to stretch your hair into styles that require a lot of pulling like ponytails and braids and don’t pull on it when you brush it.

Proper nutrition is essential to good hair as is proper rest. Eat well, be sure to drink plenty of water and get enough calcium, which is important for healthy hair. Getting enough sleep is also important a to help your body function properly and maintain your hair’s normal facilities. Being ill can cause hair loss so if you keep your body tuned up and take good care of yourself to stay strong against illnesses, your hair will have a better chance.

Use a good conditioner each time you wash your hair and be sure to keep the split ends of your hair trimmed. Whenever possible, you should let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer, and try to find a style that does not require an iron Avoid wearing hats that can rub on your scalp causing bald patches.

Taking good care of your hair will reap its own rewards, remember, hair is like your fingernails and it must be treated gently if you want it to stick around!


Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Hair Loss Prevention Tip 1: Avoid Stress

People suffering from extreme stress will usually experience hair loss, albeit a temporary one. Still, it would be better if you try to de-stress your life in order to prevent hair loss. You can start by making sure that you get enough sleep or eating the right diet. Exercise will also help you get rid of work-related stress.

Hair Loss Prevention Tip 2: Stop Using Chemical-rich Hair Products

If you must know, your hair can be damaged by hair products that contain harmful ingredients. Getting your hair dyed frequently or having it permed can also result to hair loss. Even the use of shampoos and other styling products such as hair spray, gel or mousse can damage your hair, leading to hair loss. If possible, choose hair products that are made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, rosemary and sage.

Hair Loss Prevention Tip 3: Be Kind to Your Hair

Subjecting your hair to frequent dye jobs as well as complicated hairstyles might do your hair follicles harm. If you are serious about hair loss prevention, you should make sure that you are not cruel to your hair.

Hair Loss Prevention Tip 4: Know Your Family History

Losing your hair is inevitable if it runs in your family. Men, in particular, are known to suffer from male pattern baldness, which has been established to be a hereditary condition. If you have a family history of hair loss, it would be wise that you start taking care of your hair as early as possible and not waiting for the hair loss to become really bad.

Hair Loss Prevention Tip 5: Consult Hair Loss Experts

Of course, all these tips will be useless if you will not ask the professional opinion of hair loss experts. These professionals can certainly help you with your hair loss prevention plans.

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Hair Loss Causes And Symptoms And Prevention Tips For Hair Loss Hair Loss Solution

Beautiful lustrous hair is the most cherished dream for everybody, severe loss of which affects the self esteem of an individual in significant amounts. For women, hair is an integral part of the beauty and a matter of pride whereas in men, the macho image is largely dependent on the well grown mane. Hair loss is totally a cosmetic concern as it is not an essential functioning organ of the body. Still this concern is enough to evoke lots of tensions and anxieties in people to drive them crazy.

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Hair is constituted of dead cell layers called keratin. A number of hair follicles are present in the scalp, and papilla is a soft up growth of the follicles. A group of cells of papilla produces a special type of protein called keratin, which needs to be hydrated and nourished for the healthy growth of hair.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss Solution

1.Tight hairstyles such as braids, buns and ponytails can also lead to hair loss. The best way to prevent hair loss is to adopt easy hairstyle.

2.Hair follicles are made of protein. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in protein. Include protein-rich food such as low-fat cheese, eggs, almond, beans sprouts, fish, seafood and yogurt in your diet. Soy milk and tofu are smart additions to the diet, as they are enriched with protein.

3.Calcium is another important nutrient for strengthening the hair follicles and roots in your scalp. Hence, include food rich in calcium in your diet.

4.The next thing to a balanced diet is sound sleep. Do not compromise with seven hours of sleep, because irregular sleeping pattern is one of the leading causes for hair loss. Therefore, make sure that you sleep enough and on time.

5.Hair care products should be chosen carefully, because they would directly affect the growth of your hair. Never use harsh shampoos, conditioners or stylizing products, because they would have a negative effect on the growth of your hair on account of prolonged use. If any such product causes hair loss, visit a dermatologist and some products that are suitable for your hair.

6.Alcohol and tobacco are the root causes for majority of hair loss problems. Hence, quit habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol.

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The Fight Against Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss can be an extremely distressing complaint. Though technically no more embarrassing or serious than male balding, theres such a weight of ideals of femininity and female beauty tied up with hair that most women find the prospect of hair loss incredibly upsetting. Historically, there has been very little that can be done to address the complaint, barring old style hair transplant operations that were both painful and only successful to a limited degree; or the wearing of wigs, which generally need to be very expensive before they look like real hair.

Modern understanding of female hair loss, though, is proving to be a great boon in the battle against it. There are great swathes of female balding complaints that are now known to be caused by reversible bodily processes excessive hormone production; the re-routing of vital energy for essential body maintenance in times of extreme stress; and the loss of vital nutrients that can be a side effect of some diets.

In all of the above cases, it is of course important to have the cause of the female hair loss incident properly diagnosed. Its only after proper diagnosis that effective treatment can be prescribed and, of course, without a good diagnosis a woman is laid open to the risks of booking and paying for surgery that turns out to be unnecessary. The majority of female balding complaints are treatable with a simple combination of diet, rest and time so to have one incorrectly diagnosed and go for an operation would be to embark on an expensive, uncomfortable and ultimately pointless side track.

Diet related female hair loss, which is most often associated with an adherence to some kind of fad or franchise diet that has not been prescribed by a doctor, is caused by the loss of essential vitamins and minerals as a result of restricted food intake. This kind of hair loss is treated very simply by reinstating the foods that have been denied. That said, feminine hair loss that presents as a result of dieting can be indicative of more serious damage done to the body by the diet (it is, essentially, a sign of malnutrition, which of course eventually can be fatal) this may slow down the re-growth of hair.

Female hair loss caused as a result of hormonal changes can be treated in a number of ways, depending on the cause of the hormone surge. Some natural hormonal changes, for example, simply have to be ridden out once they settle down, the hair will grow back. This can take up to six months which seems like a long time but really isnt.

Hair loss caused by physical stress is also usually reversible through natural causes though again patients may find that it takes their bodies six months to stabilise and start promoting new growth. Physical stress requires that the body divert its energy towards repairing and maintaining vital structures (like organs) so the body just stops growing hair until it is satisfied that its vital processes will be stable.

In all instances, then, it is vitally important that sufferers from female hair loss get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of their problem. Different causes are treated or observed in different ways and for women, this could mean simply waiting to get better.

Harley Street Hair Clinic is experts in Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Replacement Surgery. Female hair loss is less common than its male equivalent: women have androgens as well as men, but obviously men, being male, have more.

Hair Loss Causes and Symptoms and Tips to prevent Hair Loss to Quick Hair Growth

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, means that a person is losing more hair than usually. Normally, each hair grows approximately 1/4 of inch per month, and continues growing during a maximum of 6 years. Then the hair falls and another grows in its place. Hair loss occurs when the amount of hair that falls outnumbers the one that are being produced.

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Generally hair loss or thinning is believed to be a men’s issue only. However, all women experience some degree of hair loss or thinning at some point in their lifetime, and two-thirds of them will be severely affected. But, contrarily to what happens to men, hair loss in women typically does not result in complete baldness. In fact, most women suffer hair thinning, which is a loss of hair density (clear areas in the scalp) but not reaching a complete loss of hair.

Quick Hair Growth Vitamins

1.  Vitamin A: It includes several foods like egg, fish liver oil, spinach, meat, milk, cheese, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, apricots and peaches that will enhance your hair growth.

2.  Vitamin C: There are several eatables that have been categorized under vitamin C such as pineapple, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, tomatoes and so on that are best for maintain health of hairs.

3.  Vitamin E: Soybeans, vegetable oils, raw seeds and nuts, wheat germ oil, dried beans and leafy green vegetables are some of the food sources that help in improving the scalp circulation.

4.  Niacin (Vitamin B3): Fish, Chicken, meat, turkey, wheat germ and so on are some of the eatables that will help in promoting scalp circulation.

5.  Vitamin B6: This type of vitamin are best for preventing hair loss and it includes foods like whole grain cereals, egg yolk, vegetables, liver, organ meats and further more.

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

1.  Some women take prenatal vitamins to promote growth and stop hair thinning. You don’t need to be pregnant to take them and they can make your locks look lush.

2.  If you straighten your mane, make sure the tool is a good one. The CHI iron is great and helps to keep your locks healthy.

3.  Wash your mane every week and don’t put too many chemicals into it. If you prefer to wash it every day, use a gentle shampoo and a good conditioner. Wrap your locks in silk scarves every night to protect it from pulling.

4.  Eat a healthy diet including niacin for healthy thick hair.

5.  Exercise not only helps keep the body healthy and strong, it helps your hair be healthy too. The increased blood flow promotes health throughout the body.

6.  Purchase high quality hair growth products that are all natural. Look for essential oils like rosemary, sage, natural herbs and other vitamin rich nutrients. Bear in mind extracts are not as powerful as essential oils.

7.  Look at your hair products ingredients. Most of the products found in drugstores contain harmful phosphates, sodium lauryl sulphate, petroleum, mineral oil and other lab created chemicals that harm your hair. Stay away from hormone based stimulants as well; these will damage your tresses.

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Women’s Hair Loss – Healthy Hair Care Suggestions

Can good hair care really prevent women’s hair loss? The answer to this question is not completely clear. Clearly, this is not true for all women. If the cause of your hair loss is genetic, it can’t be prevented by any type of hair care. Of course, it’s also important to take good care of the hair you still have. For many women, maintaining a healthy scalp and hair can go a long way in preventing hair loss. Losing your hair is an unpleasant and even frightening possibility for most women. We will now look at some of the most effective ways to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Proper hair moisture is important. The less moisture you have, the more brittle your hair becomes. This means that you should invest in a good conditioner and use it regularly. For those who have excess oil in their hair, then the thing to do is substitute an herbal rinse in place of the conditioner. If you do use the conditioner, and your hair is oily, then you’ll find out that it just adds weight to it and won’t look pleasing. It will also be easier to pull from the follicle because of its increased weight. You may want to talk to your hair stylist for an opinion.

Have you ever tried dying your hair – at least once in your life? Addiction to hair dye is probably not a recognized medical condition, but it could be. If you choose this route (and most do it as a money saving measure) don’t start by dyeing your roots. Instead leave those for the last ten or fifteen minutes. Here’s why… doing the roots first can sometimes can follicle inflammation or infection when the dye saturates the follicle. Then, what you may accidentally do is begin the whole process of hair loss in yourself. You can do it safely, but if you want to be sure – just see a professional colorist. It will cost more, of course, but it will be done with your safety in mind and it will look good.

Not all hair care products are created equal. It’s a no-brainer that cheaper hair products are less expensive for a certain reason. If you’re working with a budget, then simply shop carefully and buy what you can comfortably afford. A shampoo that costs only ninety nine cents probably doesn’t even get your hair clean. Your stylist will use the best she can on your hair because she wants to see the best results, as do you. No question about it, if you have the money, then use the very same products recommended by your stylist.

Hair care seems like such a trivial thing, especially where women’s hair loss is concerned. Shampoo is not always immediately suspected when hair loss or other problems occur. Hair loss won’t be stopped with some women, but proper hair care can certainly help a lot in others. But it really can go a long way to stave-off any hair loss in some cases. As always, seek professional advice from your doctor if you suspect a possible problem.

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Hair Loss Causes Natural Hair Care Treatment for Alopecia, Baldness

Hair loss is a condition that no one is immune from. In fact, most women and men will notice that their strands are thinning significantly at some point. This most often occurs during middle age.

However, some people will start losing strands excessively while they are still in their twenties. The consideration of by means of medications for life in arrange to keep their strands from falling out is not appealing to a lot of people. Fortunately, many herbs can effectively be used as a natural treatment for baldness.

Causes of Hair Loss

• Sickness

• Hormonal change

• Pregnancy, childbirth, and birth manage pill usage

• Nervous behavior

• Chemotherapy

Natural Hair Care Treatment

Use Herbal Shampoos

Avoid shampoos containing alcohol and other chemicals which may strip away natural proteins from the strands causing them to break. Look for shampoos containing growth stimulating herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, or lavender.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a good natural treatment for baldness because it helps maintain a healthy flow of blood to the scalp. This is an important function since the blood carries nutrients and minerals to the roots so the strands can receive the nourishment they need in order to grow. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can clear out dirt and bacteria, which can clog the follicles and prevent the nutrients from reaching the roots.

Natural Oils

You can make some simple and effective home remedies for hair loss using natural oils. Combine henna, jojoba, and aloe Vera and mix it all together with wheat germ oil. Use the mixture with a natural shampoo to cleanse your strands.


Burdock helps prevent hair loss because it allows the body to eliminate toxins which can be harmful to the strands and cause excessive shedding. Also, this herb contains oils which are loaded with essential fatty acids. Essential fats prevent inflammation in the scalp, which is linked to hair loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins

Your hair must receive certain vitamins in order to grow and stay on your head. Vitamin A helps the scalp produce natural oil known as sebum, which stimulates the strands to grow. You can get this vitamin by eating carrots and other orange and red vegetables. Vitamins B, C, and E also help stimulate growth.


Horsetail is a natural treatment for baldness which keeps the follicles healthy and stimulates hair growth. It is available as a supplement. Horsetail oil is also available. Apply the oil directly to the scalp and massage it in to increase circulation.

Androgenic Alopecia

You should find out why your hair is thinning before you use home remedies for hair loss. This will help you decide which way to treat you condition. For most women and men, the cause of their loss of hair is androgenic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness.

This condition’s linked to high levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT prevents the follicles from receiving nutrients. As the follicles weaken, the strands start to fall out.


Saw palmetto is a natural treatment for hair loss. It blocks the production of DHT, a hormone which is linked to male and female pattern baldness.

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Find Out What Causes Hair Loss

Many men and women suffer from hair loss. Daily hair fall is normal, however when you lose too much, it could lead to baldness. Loss of hair is caused by different things so before searching for treatment, try to figure out what exactly has caused this condition in you. Finding out what causes hair loss can aid you in eliminating this condition so get all the details you can about why it is happening to you.

Loss of hair is more frequent in men in comparison to women but it doesn’t mean that women don’t experience loss of hair. A common hair loss condition in men is male pattern baldness which occurs in any age since it has been passed on hereditary. It is hard to prevent this particular kind of baldness for the reason that it is caused genetically. When you notice hair loss at the temples and the top of the head, this is normally an indication of this type of baldness.

Sudden loss of hair can all occur due to certain ailments, major surgery, and even stress. These are all temporary causes so your hair will grow back right after. Loss of hair can also be due to sicknesses such as diabetes and lupus which is why it is best to have yourself checked. You can never be too sure when you are suffering from something serious so you should make it a point to go seek medical help when you feel it is necessary.

Hormonal imbalances can also be a reason for loss of hair. Male hormones are called androgens, while female hormones are known as estrogens, and when this isn’t balance in your system, you can lose hair. Fixing this imbalance of hormones can easily eliminate this problem and allow growth of hair. Women who have recently given birth can also encounter loss of hair because of pregnancy hormones.

Hair can also fall out because of some medications. Blood thinners, medicine for gout, high blood pressure, heart problems, birth control pills, and antidepressants are all possible causes of hair loss. If these are the cause, stop taking these medications and hair will begin growth again.

When you discover the cause of why you are losing hair, you will know exactly what to do and if your condition is serious not. When it comes to male pattern baldness, this is a condition which needs to be treated as it will just keep getting worse. When you know what caused your condition, you will also have an idea on the options you have available giving you a chance to eliminate this hair loss condition instantly.

Find out what are the possible causes of hair loss with visiting the Hair Loss site. This way you will know how to treat it more effectively.

General Tips and Styling Tips For Hair Loss Treatment: Review

There are so many reasons for hair loss like poor diet, genetic imbalances, hormonal imbalances, stress, dehydration and scalp inflammation etc. Over styling and use of chemicals or toxic hair products can also damage the hair, their excessive use can make the hair thin. You can save yourself from hair loss and hair thinning by selecting natural hair care products, vitamins and balanced diet.

General Tips 
Since growth begins from healthy hair follicle, the treatment must penetrate the scalp to reduce the hair fall. many people are allergic to the toxic ingredients found in shampoos, which are likely to damage hair follicles. If you really want to restore the health of your hair then first of all you will have to get rid of the toxic conditioners and shampoos and buy natural care products. While purchasing natural hair care products watch out for fake products, do check the labels, prices, and try to buy a conditioner and shampoos from reliable sources. Besides intake sufficient quantity of vegetables and fruits so that you get all the basic nutrients that are required for the restoration of health of hair. By drinking plenty of pure water you can flush out the toxins from your body.

Styling Tips 
If your hair are re growing or recovering then in such a phase short cutting must be considered. Short hair are in fashion and secondly they give a natural look and make you feel more confident. Pixies cut really looks good on women of almost all the age groups. Bob hair cut is another good option which can be made more interesting with soft bangs. Before selecting any style it is always better to take the advices from a professional hairstylist.

For men the best treatment for hair thinning and hair loss is head shave which is acceptable these days and is a much better and effective option. Men should avoid using gels as they contain toxic ingredients; gels also make a bunch of thin hair due to which scalp get exposed and results into hair fall. Similarly dyes are also toxic therefore always try to use the hair color which is made up of natural ingredients.


Home Remedies for Long hair and Hair Growth and Tips to get rid of Hair Loss

We all love our hair; we all would like to grow them longer and healthier, even if we will be in our 50’s or 60’s, therefore to make it possible, it is very important to take a good care of your hair in your early age. So that you will look even more gorgeous than you were ever before, and for that do not forget daily care and nourishing  of your hair. Here are some tips that will keep your hair grow healthier and longer:-

Preventing Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

When you are trying to grow your hair long, certain problems like hair breakage and excessive hair loss can make it difficult.

Here are some tips on how to prevent these problems or to minimize them:

1. Avoid unnecessary handling of hair and too much combing or brushing.

2. Protecting your hair from an excessive exposure to sunlight and to salt water and chlorine. When exposed to these, deep conditioning of hair is needed.

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3. Do not use water that is too hot for your scalp and your hair.

4. Try to live a healthy lifestyle that consists of proper nutrition, ample rest, and avoid harmful substances like alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

Hair Care to Grow Hair Fast

Give the hair a hot oil massage to improve the scalp’s blood circulation, which makes the hair grow quicker. Apply coconut or castor oil to the hair for a minimum of one hour—the hair should absorb the oil properly before washing it out. Trim hair at least once every five to six weeks to remove split ends and dry hair. Once the hair forms split ends, it stops growing.

Try to limit washing the hair to once a week using cold water and a gentle shampoo because hot water and harsh shampoos can destroy the hair. Refrain from blow-drying the hair to avoid damaging it. Brush hair once every morning and evening for better scalp circulation.

Home Remedies to Grow hair faster

1. Since hair reflects the overall health of  a person, vitamin supplements or fresh food containing the vitamins should be part of  the daily diet. Vitamin B complex, biotin and carotene (contained in carrots, yellow fruits and vegetable) are important.

2. Hot oil massages improve the circulation of  blood in the scalp and make your hair grow faster. Coconut oil should be applied to the hair for at least an hour so that it is absorbed properly and then washed off. Castor oil can also be used.

3. Trim your hair often, at least once in 5-6 weeks, so that split ends and dry hair are removed. Hair stops growing at the split ends.

4. Apply egg white and neem to your hair. Wash after 3 hours. Alternately, mix eggs and olive oil and apply the mixture to your scalp.

5. Brushing your hair once in the morning and evening  improves the circulation in the scalp and makes your hair grow faster. Massaging the scalp with your fingertips also helps improve circulation.

6. Do not blow dry your hair. If possible wash your hair only once a week, with cold water since hot water and harsh shampoos can damage the hair.

7. Drink plenty of  water and sleep for 8 – 9 hours a day, since hair grows when a person is resting. Exercising daily will also improve the blood circulation and help your hair grow quickly. Hair grows faster when there is less stress.

Hair Loss Causes and Symptoms and Tips to Contol and Prevent Hair Fall

Hair loss is like an epidemic, a disease that affects a great population of the world. If you’re losing your hair, you can actually control it using totally natural solutions.

It would appear that the normal thing to do is go out and make a purchase of the newest, and greatest edition of hair loss product. Of course this is what many people do, only to find out later that they wasted their money.

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Why does Hair Fall?
Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. The new cells that are synthesized are added on to the root of hairs. This causes growth of hairs, but when the growth is hampered due to hormonal imbalance or improper diet, it leads to hair fall. There can be several other reasons of hair fall.


Hair loss control tips

A friend of mine who works for a hair loss control clinic gave me these hair loss control tips.

Eat less salty food or food with much sugar.
Stop drinking and smoking. Alcohol and cigarettes are the causes of hair loss, dandruff and more.
Do not wash you hair too often. Generally no more than once a day and using mild shampoo with organic ingredients.But if you have oily hair you may wash it more than once.
Occasionally lie with you head lower than other parts of the body to increase blood flow to you head.
Massage the scalp with a hand to increase blood flow using almond Or coconut oil.
Avoid stress because this will caused blood circulating around you head and cause hair loss decreased more.
Exercise regularly to increase blood flowing throughout the body.
Drink enough water. Not less than 2 liters a day.
After swimming, take a bath and wash your hair immediately.
Avoid the sunlight from 10 o’clock to 14 o’clock because ultraviolet light may destroy your hair.
Avoid using chemicals with your hair and should not dry your hair with hot air too often.
Using relaxation techniques such as meditation. This can help hair loss.
Comb and dry your hair gently.
Take care of your hair with some natural substances such as yolk mixed with honey.
If you’re having problem with you hair, it’s the best way to see a doctor. Do not wait till it’s too late.

Regular Habits:

Hairs are basically reflection of our eating and sleeping habits.
Hair needs proteins vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts.
So, we should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and milk for healthy hairs.
Some essential food items for radiant and strong hairs are Green and leafy vegetables, fruit and vegetable salads, coconut, cheese meat, fish, eggs, nuts, yoghurt and almonds.
One should drink plenty of water, fruit juice and soups.
Alcohol should be avoided as it is antagonistic to many useful nutrients that are essential for healthy hairs. Avoid much of tea and coffee.
All the items hinder the absorption of minerals crucial for hair health.

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