Do Hair Implants Look Real?

Millions of men suffer the embarrassment and stress of hair loss. If you are one of them then you know how frustrating it can be to wade through all the hype and baloney to find out what really works to re-grow your hair. It seems like everybody has a new therapy or treatment that they claim will get a full head of hair growing once again. You have probably tried some of these and found they really don’t live up to their claims. In fact, the majority of them do nothing what so ever to actually get hair growing on the bald spot.

The one procedure I have found that works great for treating bald patches on the scalp is hair implantation. Hair implants, or hair plugs as they used to be called, are actually living hair units which are removed from one area of the scalp or body and then transplanted into the scalp where the hair loss has occurred. Within a few weeks the follicles of the hair units have actually started to bond with the surrounding blood vessels and received both nutrients and oxygen. The follicles can then start producing hair shaft material and they will continue to grow hair for years to come.

The question becomes how good do the implants look and can other people tell they are not natural occurring hair shafts. Historically this procedure did provide a result that was very noticeable. In fact, the nickname hair plugs came about because of how the implants looked on the patient’s head. When this procedure was first being used micro-surgical techniques were not available so the surgeon was forced to work with large groups of hair units in clumps. When these were transplanted in the scalp the results looked like a cheap doll’s head with the artificial hairs plugged into a few places on the head. The hairs grew in every which way and were very noticeable.

With the current techniques available to cosmetic surgeons this has all changed. Now a doctor can remove and insert individual hair units. He or she can also place them so they grow in the same direction of the surrounding hairs. This placement, along with the fact that the hairs are the patient’s naturally occurring units, provides a result that is all but unnoticeable. There are probably men you see everyday who have had the surgery but you don’t know it because the results are so natural looking.

If you are tired of all the hype and mis-truths about hair loss treatments then you are ready for the facts. Visit the Hair Implants Guide Blog and find out about this most amazing procedure. Hair implantation can help you to get hair growing in your bald area so you can feel your youth again.

General Tips and Styling Tips For Hair Loss Treatment: Review

There are so many reasons for hair loss like poor diet, genetic imbalances, hormonal imbalances, stress, dehydration and scalp inflammation etc. Over styling and use of chemicals or toxic hair products can also damage the hair, their excessive use can make the hair thin. You can save yourself from hair loss and hair thinning by selecting natural hair care products, vitamins and balanced diet.

General Tips 
Since growth begins from healthy hair follicle, the treatment must penetrate the scalp to reduce the hair fall. many people are allergic to the toxic ingredients found in shampoos, which are likely to damage hair follicles. If you really want to restore the health of your hair then first of all you will have to get rid of the toxic conditioners and shampoos and buy natural care products. While purchasing natural hair care products watch out for fake products, do check the labels, prices, and try to buy a conditioner and shampoos from reliable sources. Besides intake sufficient quantity of vegetables and fruits so that you get all the basic nutrients that are required for the restoration of health of hair. By drinking plenty of pure water you can flush out the toxins from your body.

Styling Tips 
If your hair are re growing or recovering then in such a phase short cutting must be considered. Short hair are in fashion and secondly they give a natural look and make you feel more confident. Pixies cut really looks good on women of almost all the age groups. Bob hair cut is another good option which can be made more interesting with soft bangs. Before selecting any style it is always better to take the advices from a professional hairstylist.

For men the best treatment for hair thinning and hair loss is head shave which is acceptable these days and is a much better and effective option. Men should avoid using gels as they contain toxic ingredients; gels also make a bunch of thin hair due to which scalp get exposed and results into hair fall. Similarly dyes are also toxic therefore always try to use the hair color which is made up of natural ingredients.


Hair Extensions To Enhance The Style And Beauty- Report

Several advanced beauty care products are available today that ranges from hair care products and skin care products to hair extensions, styling tools, beauty and make up kits etc to enhance the style and beauty of a person. There are various products introduced daily with the intention of addressing the different hair issues reported today. The busy lifestyle for women gives them less time for taking care of their hair due to which several damage issues are being arising. Fortunately, there are extensions that can be used to hide the horrible conditions and come up with a natural looking hair of any hairstyle you choose.

Hair extensions have now become one of the best selling items in the product line. They are made with high quality fibers and human hair that give the look and feel of the natural hair. They are now largely demanded by busy career women having less time for cutting and styling. Popular manufacturers have now joined hands with famous celebrities in promoting hair extensions that come in different styles, lengths and colors of hair pieces to choose from. These products help women to hide the defects and bad condition of their hair. It can also be put on easily whenever you require to without the help of a hair stylist. The ease for wearing these products has made it easy for women to try it out.

Hair extensions of popular brands are available in both synthetic and natural forms. You can choose from the length of hair that you prefer as about four synthetic versions of the products are available today. They are made light weight so that they fit easily on your head. It offers more control and women who are embarrassed with their uncontrollable hair can use it for special occasions. You can also wear it for more time as it remains properly when correctly clipped on your hair. Different shades of extensions that suit the natural hair are available. Those who have no enough time to color their hair can buy these extensions of different trendy colors. But in order to ensure its long life, the hair piece should be care and maintained properly. Natural human extensions can be treated with shampoos, color enhancers, conditioners and serum like the natural hair for added beauty and appeal.

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Home Remedies for Long hair and Hair Growth and Tips to get rid of Hair Loss

We all love our hair; we all would like to grow them longer and healthier, even if we will be in our 50’s or 60’s, therefore to make it possible, it is very important to take a good care of your hair in your early age. So that you will look even more gorgeous than you were ever before, and for that do not forget daily care and nourishing  of your hair. Here are some tips that will keep your hair grow healthier and longer:-

Preventing Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

When you are trying to grow your hair long, certain problems like hair breakage and excessive hair loss can make it difficult.

Here are some tips on how to prevent these problems or to minimize them:

1. Avoid unnecessary handling of hair and too much combing or brushing.

2. Protecting your hair from an excessive exposure to sunlight and to salt water and chlorine. When exposed to these, deep conditioning of hair is needed.

Read more on Home Remedies for Baldness and Lift Sagging Breasts and Herbal Home Remedies

3. Do not use water that is too hot for your scalp and your hair.

4. Try to live a healthy lifestyle that consists of proper nutrition, ample rest, and avoid harmful substances like alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

Hair Care to Grow Hair Fast

Give the hair a hot oil massage to improve the scalp’s blood circulation, which makes the hair grow quicker. Apply coconut or castor oil to the hair for a minimum of one hour—the hair should absorb the oil properly before washing it out. Trim hair at least once every five to six weeks to remove split ends and dry hair. Once the hair forms split ends, it stops growing.

Try to limit washing the hair to once a week using cold water and a gentle shampoo because hot water and harsh shampoos can destroy the hair. Refrain from blow-drying the hair to avoid damaging it. Brush hair once every morning and evening for better scalp circulation.

Home Remedies to Grow hair faster

1. Since hair reflects the overall health of  a person, vitamin supplements or fresh food containing the vitamins should be part of  the daily diet. Vitamin B complex, biotin and carotene (contained in carrots, yellow fruits and vegetable) are important.

2. Hot oil massages improve the circulation of  blood in the scalp and make your hair grow faster. Coconut oil should be applied to the hair for at least an hour so that it is absorbed properly and then washed off. Castor oil can also be used.

3. Trim your hair often, at least once in 5-6 weeks, so that split ends and dry hair are removed. Hair stops growing at the split ends.

4. Apply egg white and neem to your hair. Wash after 3 hours. Alternately, mix eggs and olive oil and apply the mixture to your scalp.

5. Brushing your hair once in the morning and evening  improves the circulation in the scalp and makes your hair grow faster. Massaging the scalp with your fingertips also helps improve circulation.

6. Do not blow dry your hair. If possible wash your hair only once a week, with cold water since hot water and harsh shampoos can damage the hair.

7. Drink plenty of  water and sleep for 8 – 9 hours a day, since hair grows when a person is resting. Exercising daily will also improve the blood circulation and help your hair grow quickly. Hair grows faster when there is less stress.

Styling Your Hair Using the Chi Flat Iron- News

There are some people who keep at bay the use of flat irons, thinking of the extensive hair damage issues that they have heard of. But there are professional quality tools like the Chi flat irons that are designed to act gently on the hair without harming any single strands during styling. Now, you need not have to run away from enhancing your hairstyle with a straightener as a Chi styling rod is something that you should try out without fearing about hair damages.

Flat irons that are made with low quality heating plates are responsible for the serious hair damages that have been reported with its use. Since people are more conscious about these issues, they are always hunting for hair styling products that can help in straightening their frizzy locks but without damaging or burning the hair. Since Chi tools can style the hair quickly in a few minutes, you will not have to subject your hair to the hot device for long, thereby reducing the chance for hair burns. The latest ceramic technology is integrated in its manufacturing that is capable of safely gliding through the hair without harming your beautiful locks. You need not have to wait for hours for it; you can quickly get your hair styled and get ready for the office or any special occasion without any hassle. When hassle free styling is at your disposal, why searching for any other time consuming hairstyling techniques? Furthermore, you will not have to tear your pockets as Chi models can be purchased affordably as it starts around $ 100.

After purchasing a professional Chi ceramic styling rod for yourself, you can start the safe process of styling with some simple techniques. After drying your washed hair thoroughly, make sure that you have set the temperature ideal for your hair. The hair should be divided into sections and start styling section by section to get the effect. You can flip in, flip out, straighten, curl, or create any style that suit your facial features and looks with a Chi flat iron. After perfecting with the process, you can try out new innovative hairstyle of your own with the hair straightener.


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How Men Can Cut Chest Hair

There are numerous men who decide that they might be more comfortable if they got rid of the hair on their chest. A few do it because they find it cleaner to live with no hair and others do it because they have quite a large measure of it that they are humiliated by it. Yet, to many men chest hair is a mark of their manhood and even they do not enjoy having a natural coat to wear on their chest they do not desire to shave it off either.

Instead of extending from one extreme keeping the hair) to the other (getting rid of it all) there is a medium in which they are able to compromise at. Instead of employing a complicated method to take away all the hair they are able to merely thin it down to the length and amount that they are able to handle. This method is pretty easy and will just take a few minutes.

There are unusual ways in which you can cut chest hair – but one of the simplest is to use an electric razor. These commonly come with various attachments that will assist you to choose the length that you desire it to be and to remove it in certain areas if you want. All you require to do is make a point that you cut everything at the exact same length so pay attention to how you are finishing it.

If you do not wish to have an electric razor you are able to utilize scissors. This is simple because all you have to do is to cut the length of the hair you desire to come off. The only problem with this method is that it can sometimes be very time consuming.

Learning these methods is essential and will assist to improve your appearance and the way that some women will look at you when at the beach. It also assists you to learn how to thin down the hair if you ever feel like shaving your chest hair in the near future.

Learn the best way in Trimming Chest Hair and the methods that is best for you. One of the easiest and most popular is to Shave Chest Hair.

How to Get a Wavy Hair Style Using a Flat Iron- Review

Creating a good hairstyle is now possible within a blink of eye with the help of a good quality flat iron. Let whatever be your signature hairstyle, you can style your hair to suit your specific personality and taste so that the time spent before the mirror would be saved. Messy, beachy curls are something that every young girl would love to accomplish. Beachy curls will give you a sexy and naughty look, especially when you are out to a holiday trip. If you have with you a two in one professional ceramic flat iron, you need not have to purchase a curling iron separately. You can create different types of curls in whatever style you prefer by using different sizes of detachable barrels. A one inch barrel would be perfect to get those beachy waves on your hair. It is simple to acquire that cherished style with a flat iron if you have some creativity and patience in you.

To acquire a wavy hairstyle, you will require things like a ceramic blow dryer, round teeth comb, hair styling products, heat protecting products, and clips to hold the hair along with a professional ceramic flat iron. Since you require loose curls for acquiring the wavy style, you should always choose a 1 inch barrel size for curling the hair. To ensure that you get the maximum output with brilliant results, you have to first set the temperature to its maximum that is required for loose curls. But always start to apply the iron on the hair that is washed with scalp cleansing shampoo and conditioned with leave-in moisturized conditioner. These hair preparations are highly mandatory to safeguard the health and natural moisture of your hair. A clean and moisturized hair will respond in the best way to a flat iron so that you get amazingly curled hair to suit your style.

After dividing the hair into small section, glide the flat iron through the hair in such a way that you go on creating loose curls at every end. If you wish to acquire messy curls, you can randomly clamp the iron to different directions. Give it a soft touch of wax for that natural shine after curling.


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Wedding Day Hairstyles: How To Style Your Hair For The Big Day!

Not sure how to style your hair on the big day? Choosing your wedding hairstyle shouldnt get your veil in a bunch! You want to look your best, and we want to help, here are the top tips to turn your mane into a wedding-day do.

Dont do anything outrageous! Sure youve always wanted to try a Mohawk a  month before your wedding is not the time for a big change. Save the daring look for when the ring is on your finger.
Go with a natural colour. If your hair is brown, this is probably not the best time to go platinum. Highlights: good. Bleaching whole head: bad.
Do test runs! Make sure you book those hair appointments at a beauty salon for test runs a minimum of 6 weeks before your wedding. Hearing Surprise from your hairdresser the day of wont be pleasant.
Compliment your dress, dont compete with it. Your hairstyle should be an extension of your dress, not a whole new showpiece. If you are sporting a ballgown, an updo is the way to go; if you are looking romantic in soft flowing layers, wearing your hair down in loose curls looks dreamy.
Come to terms with your hairs personality. Everyones hair has a nasty side. Whether its flaw is frizziness, crazy curls or cowlicks, be sure to make peace with it and choose a hairdo that will finesse, not fight, with your hairs worst enemies. Talk to your stylist about how to style hair like yours and follow directions!
Choose a hairdo you can handle. A mile-high beehive may not be the answer if you plan to dance the night away Choose something you are prepared to keep in check all night.
Respect the elements. If your hair tends to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture and youre marching down the aisle outdoors, leaving it loose on a rainy day may not work in your favour. If youre outdoors, consider Mother Nature as a consultant to your style.
Veil or no veil Your veil, tiara or headdress is essential to your style. Make sure it accompanies you on your test runs and that is can be easily and naturally worked in to your hair. Also, be sure that your headdress fasteners will stay in place all night.
Go with the flow Did you write Black-tie on the invite? Make sure your hair reflects your wedding theme.

Formal = updo
Semi-formal = casual up-do or hair half-up
Casual = just make sure you take the rollers out of your hair!

This is the most important rule: do what you feel comfortable with! Its your day girl so have fun! (Just remember your wedding pictures will be ion your wall forever)

Lilly Gordon is a freelance web author and publisher who enjoys writing on a variety of topics. She currently resides in Edmonton and is researching budgets, brides and Edmonton spa services.

Long Locks And Tiaras: Wedding Styling For Long Hair

If you have long hair and you are in the process of figuring out what to do with your hair for the wedding day, reading this might just save you.

Usually, Rapunzel-like brides are scared of getting too much hair covering the front of her face under the veil. Being too uncontrollable is also one problem, so some resort into getting it trimmed or shortened for the occasion. But that shouldnt be the case. Here are a few sure-fire ways of wearing your long hair on the day of the wedding without the need of shedding a few inches.

Lay it down straight. Got gorgeous, pin-straight and perfectly glossy hair? Flaunt it out and dont even let the veil out shine it. Get a headband type tiara to help keep the strands from straying into your face as you say “I do”. Make sure that your hair wont be strangling you as the wind blows or be hooked up in the beading details of the gown. Check if the length of the hair wont be intruding the gowns cut or style.

One-sided affair. Sweep all of your locks to one side, depending on which side you feel you are most comfortable with. Only the brides with long locks can pull off this look. Additional accessories like a small tiara comb or flowers can be added to the hair style to give it a little edge and flair. The hair can be teased for more volume or curled at the bottom for a more dreamy look.

Dramatic curls. Either by a curling iron or a perm treatment, curls bring out nothing but romance and body to your wedding look. If you are going for the curls to be limited to the lower half of your hair, the headband tiara still works great as an accent. A touch up might be needed if the curls are getting out of hand before the dinner has even started.

Half up, half down. Half dos are ideal if you still want to have your hair down to brighten up your face but dont want your smile to be covered up. Skillful hairstylists can even create a rose, mini-bun or a definitive style with your hair at the back. As for accessories, an elegant yet simple tiara would do the trick – not too much but just enough to sparkle.

The classic bun. Inevitably, a big bun on top of the brides hair crowned with a sophisticated wedding tiara is all that it takes. Yes, long hair may be a waste if only kept hidden but then imagine the possiblities all because the stylists gets a lot of material to work with. With the possibility of braids, swirls, loops, teasing and weaving the look of the bun wont be just like any other out there. Paired with a tiara wrapped around the bun, this classic bride look has been the one youve been dreaming of since age 6.

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How To Care Your Hair And Use Hot Hair Tools

Hot Hair Tools can do a lot good to our hair styles makeup. To be with ideal hair, we should know more about of our hair tools and hair accessories. We may have a lot of hairstyle products, but we may not make good use if them. So it is high time that we take some measures to care our hair. In what one must pay so that the application of a hairdryer and straighteners in the long run not result in damage.
Whether sleek look, soft waves or higher plug-art – perfect hairstyles are the result of a loving styles. This mostly flat iron, hair dryer and curling iron are used. The side effects: hot strains the hair, it becomes dry. Specific heat protection products prevent, however, that it is ready. They include polymers the hair with a protective layer. How-to: Apply after washing on the wet hair, it started from about ear level and to give the tips, then spread evenly with a comb. After applying styling products.
The optimal hot hair tools Equipment
The best investment for beautiful hair: professional styling tools. Hair dryer with ion function are very gentle and dry the hair faster. Important: heat and air flow levels should be adjustable. Even over a cold setting grout should the hair dryer. A temperature display on flat iron and curling iron helps to be the right degree of heat for the hair structure to fi. Ceramic coatings protect the hair from damage.
The styling basics
The most important rules for gentle styling
1. The distance from the hair dryer to the hair should be at least 15 centimeters.
2. In case the direction of the blow-dry hair to smooth the cuticle layer.
3. Never blow too dry and hot, the fan would rather make a step higher.
4. Many hair damage caused by the fact that the heat takes too long for a job. The hair dryer in one smooth motion drove about hair: why is. When styling with the straightener device drafty drag through his hair.
5. Anyone who uses a curling iron, should the individual strands of hair from the roots wrap around the pole starting so that the rural stations peaks not directly exposed to the heat.
6. Flat iron and curling iron at the temperature plays a crucial role: For fine hair ranging up to 150 degrees, 180 degrees for normal are ideal.

Professional know-how
A deep cleansing shampoo removes Styling products. The product, however, use every three weeks, as also the natural oils of the hair can be washed out. Regular maintenance is a must: training manager– recommends kitten hair treatments with identical ingredients such as ceramides and proteins, the porous bodies. The treatments only apply where it is needed. Make this the following test: A dry lock between the finger pull and take. Only from the point at which the hair rough, incorporate the care.
More gloss for the hair
Well-groomed, shiny hair full of volume and tone are the ideal of every woman. This care and styling products provide a sparkling appearance
A shiny hair is the epitome of female beauty and sensuality. An ideal that can be achieved especially in the wet cold season severe: air humidity, temperature fluctuations and also the regular wearing of hats can the otherwise glossy hair will be dull and unruly, the hair surface looks rough. Care products help with precious oils to smooth the hair structure, making treatments surfaces again soft and malleable. And the correct way for hair washing and styling is essential for the natural shine effect: not too hot and rinse hair after washing, pat dry rather than rub. So the hair structure is protected. Wet hair is more sensitive than dry – combs and brushes should only be used with almost dry hair and heat tools are used only in combination with specific amenities.
For further hair information and tips, you may visit the website,

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