Hair Loss Causes Natural Hair Care Treatment for Alopecia, Baldness

Hair loss is a condition that no one is immune from. In fact, most women and men will notice that their strands are thinning significantly at some point. This most often occurs during middle age.

However, some people will start losing strands excessively while they are still in their twenties. The consideration of by means of medications for life in arrange to keep their strands from falling out is not appealing to a lot of people. Fortunately, many herbs can effectively be used as a natural treatment for baldness.

Causes of Hair Loss

• Sickness

• Hormonal change

• Pregnancy, childbirth, and birth manage pill usage

• Nervous behavior

• Chemotherapy

Natural Hair Care Treatment

Use Herbal Shampoos

Avoid shampoos containing alcohol and other chemicals which may strip away natural proteins from the strands causing them to break. Look for shampoos containing growth stimulating herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, or lavender.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a good natural treatment for baldness because it helps maintain a healthy flow of blood to the scalp. This is an important function since the blood carries nutrients and minerals to the roots so the strands can receive the nourishment they need in order to grow. It also has anti-bacterial properties which can clear out dirt and bacteria, which can clog the follicles and prevent the nutrients from reaching the roots.

Natural Oils

You can make some simple and effective home remedies for hair loss using natural oils. Combine henna, jojoba, and aloe Vera and mix it all together with wheat germ oil. Use the mixture with a natural shampoo to cleanse your strands.


Burdock helps prevent hair loss because it allows the body to eliminate toxins which can be harmful to the strands and cause excessive shedding. Also, this herb contains oils which are loaded with essential fatty acids. Essential fats prevent inflammation in the scalp, which is linked to hair loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins

Your hair must receive certain vitamins in order to grow and stay on your head. Vitamin A helps the scalp produce natural oil known as sebum, which stimulates the strands to grow. You can get this vitamin by eating carrots and other orange and red vegetables. Vitamins B, C, and E also help stimulate growth.


Horsetail is a natural treatment for baldness which keeps the follicles healthy and stimulates hair growth. It is available as a supplement. Horsetail oil is also available. Apply the oil directly to the scalp and massage it in to increase circulation.

Androgenic Alopecia

You should find out why your hair is thinning before you use home remedies for hair loss. This will help you decide which way to treat you condition. For most women and men, the cause of their loss of hair is androgenic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness.

This condition’s linked to high levels of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT prevents the follicles from receiving nutrients. As the follicles weaken, the strands start to fall out.


Saw palmetto is a natural treatment for hair loss. It blocks the production of DHT, a hormone which is linked to male and female pattern baldness.

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Find Out What Causes Hair Loss

Many men and women suffer from hair loss. Daily hair fall is normal, however when you lose too much, it could lead to baldness. Loss of hair is caused by different things so before searching for treatment, try to figure out what exactly has caused this condition in you. Finding out what causes hair loss can aid you in eliminating this condition so get all the details you can about why it is happening to you.

Loss of hair is more frequent in men in comparison to women but it doesn’t mean that women don’t experience loss of hair. A common hair loss condition in men is male pattern baldness which occurs in any age since it has been passed on hereditary. It is hard to prevent this particular kind of baldness for the reason that it is caused genetically. When you notice hair loss at the temples and the top of the head, this is normally an indication of this type of baldness.

Sudden loss of hair can all occur due to certain ailments, major surgery, and even stress. These are all temporary causes so your hair will grow back right after. Loss of hair can also be due to sicknesses such as diabetes and lupus which is why it is best to have yourself checked. You can never be too sure when you are suffering from something serious so you should make it a point to go seek medical help when you feel it is necessary.

Hormonal imbalances can also be a reason for loss of hair. Male hormones are called androgens, while female hormones are known as estrogens, and when this isn’t balance in your system, you can lose hair. Fixing this imbalance of hormones can easily eliminate this problem and allow growth of hair. Women who have recently given birth can also encounter loss of hair because of pregnancy hormones.

Hair can also fall out because of some medications. Blood thinners, medicine for gout, high blood pressure, heart problems, birth control pills, and antidepressants are all possible causes of hair loss. If these are the cause, stop taking these medications and hair will begin growth again.

When you discover the cause of why you are losing hair, you will know exactly what to do and if your condition is serious not. When it comes to male pattern baldness, this is a condition which needs to be treated as it will just keep getting worse. When you know what caused your condition, you will also have an idea on the options you have available giving you a chance to eliminate this hair loss condition instantly.

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Hair Loss Causes and Symptoms and Tips to Contol and Prevent Hair Fall

Hair loss is like an epidemic, a disease that affects a great population of the world. If you’re losing your hair, you can actually control it using totally natural solutions.

It would appear that the normal thing to do is go out and make a purchase of the newest, and greatest edition of hair loss product. Of course this is what many people do, only to find out later that they wasted their money.

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Why does Hair Fall?
Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. The new cells that are synthesized are added on to the root of hairs. This causes growth of hairs, but when the growth is hampered due to hormonal imbalance or improper diet, it leads to hair fall. There can be several other reasons of hair fall.


Hair loss control tips

A friend of mine who works for a hair loss control clinic gave me these hair loss control tips.

Eat less salty food or food with much sugar.
Stop drinking and smoking. Alcohol and cigarettes are the causes of hair loss, dandruff and more.
Do not wash you hair too often. Generally no more than once a day and using mild shampoo with organic ingredients.But if you have oily hair you may wash it more than once.
Occasionally lie with you head lower than other parts of the body to increase blood flow to you head.
Massage the scalp with a hand to increase blood flow using almond Or coconut oil.
Avoid stress because this will caused blood circulating around you head and cause hair loss decreased more.
Exercise regularly to increase blood flowing throughout the body.
Drink enough water. Not less than 2 liters a day.
After swimming, take a bath and wash your hair immediately.
Avoid the sunlight from 10 o’clock to 14 o’clock because ultraviolet light may destroy your hair.
Avoid using chemicals with your hair and should not dry your hair with hot air too often.
Using relaxation techniques such as meditation. This can help hair loss.
Comb and dry your hair gently.
Take care of your hair with some natural substances such as yolk mixed with honey.
If you’re having problem with you hair, it’s the best way to see a doctor. Do not wait till it’s too late.

Regular Habits:

Hairs are basically reflection of our eating and sleeping habits.
Hair needs proteins vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts.
So, we should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and milk for healthy hairs.
Some essential food items for radiant and strong hairs are Green and leafy vegetables, fruit and vegetable salads, coconut, cheese meat, fish, eggs, nuts, yoghurt and almonds.
One should drink plenty of water, fruit juice and soups.
Alcohol should be avoided as it is antagonistic to many useful nutrients that are essential for healthy hairs. Avoid much of tea and coffee.
All the items hinder the absorption of minerals crucial for hair health.

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Hair Loss Causes and Tips to Prevent and Reduce Hair Loss

Most people think about preventing hair loss only after they have lost a lot of it. But if you start early (like when you still have a head full of hair) it works out a lot easier both emotionally and financially. In fact, the truth is – preventing hair loss is a simpler process than treating hair loss. Plainly put, it all boils down to some sensible hair care – if you take care to keep the hair you’ve got, you will be blessed with better looksand healthier hair. So here are a few things you can do to prevent your hair from falling:

Reduce Hair Loss
1. Monosaturated fats, such as those found in nuts and extra virgin olive oil, encourages hair growth and revitalizes hair follicles.

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2. Avoid ingesting foods with large amounts of carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, and potatoes. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose during the digestion process, and this raises the blood sugar level of the body. Cutting down our blood sugar level helps in reducing hair loss.
3. Have no more than one drink of alcohol per day. Alcoholic drinks lower the zinc, vitamin B, vitamin C, and folic acid levels in our body. This would lead to a deficiency in vitamins that are important for the health of our hair. Moreover, alcohol contains a high level of sugar and calories.
4. Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine decreases the levels of vitamins B and C, potassium, and zinc in our body. This deficiency in vitamins would strain the adrenal glands and this would increase the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels, a form of testosterone that induces hair loss and prostate growth.
5. Soy protein stimulates hair growth. In one study, an increase of 15% in hair growth was observed. Good sources of soy protein include soy milk, tofu, fish, eggs, yogurt, and cheese.
6. Anemia is one cause of hair thinning. In order to avoid this, eat a lot of iron-rich foods. Examples include dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, cherry juice, liver, eggs, raisins, dates, and whole grain cereals.
7. Silica is another nutrient that helps improve the health of our hair. It reduces hair loss, promotes healthier hair regrowth, strengthens hair follicles, and gives shine and luster to our hair. Studies conducted in Europe have shown that silica intake slows down hair loss. An example of silica-rich food is raw oats.
8. Incorporate iodine-rich foods into your diet as it is important in maintaining the health of your hair. Use sea salt to flavor your food. Eat vegetables such as spinach, carrots, turnips, and cabbage. Pine nuts, mustard, soybeans, millet, and cold-pressed seed oils such as pumpkin, walnut, and flax seed oil are also rich in the said nutrient.

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Hair Loss Causes and Symptoms and Tips to Hair Loss Prevention

Most hair loss and baldness is hereditary and there really isn’t any way to prevent it. Other things, however, can cause you to lose hair and if you don’t have baldness in your family, you could find yourself getting a little light on top if you don’t prevent it. If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have a family history of needing a toupee, then take some simple precautions and be sure to take good care of your hair.

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Hair can be lost to improper care and damage. If you over color your hair, over style it, or abuse it with irons and blow dryers too often, you could be in line for some major fall out. Hair shouldn’t be colored any more often than every six to eight weeks and you should avoid it altogether if possible. While hair coloring doesn’t make everyone’s hair fall out, it does do damage and you will have healthier hair if you don’t color it. Try not to stretch your hair into styles that require a lot of pulling like ponytails and braids and don’t pull on it when you brush it.

Tips to Hair Loss Prevention

1. One widely held belief is that the over use of chemicals on the hair can cause hair thinning and eventually hair loss. If you like to enhance the look of your hair through chemical means, but are nervous about future hair loss, it is a good idea to only have this type of work done by a licensed beautitian. Many do-it-yourselfers are too inexperienced to properly perform chemical treatments to their hair, having a tendacncy to over apply the products. If you do color your hair, it is thought best to keep the frequency to a six or eight week minimum.

2. It is important to eat healthy foods and ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals that it needs. Often times the body will show poor health in the hair follicles and finger nails before and actual illness is detected. While it is important to get enough of the right nutrients, it is just as important not to get too much of any one type of vitamin. For example, too much of vitamins A and E, have been linked to hair loss.

3. When and if an illness is detected, it is important to take care of your health needs. If the doctor has prescribed medications, take it. Failure to follow the doctors advise will cause your body to work harder just to stay alive, it won’t have enough energey to keep the hair follicles growing and will eventually lead to hair loss. This is an excellent form of hair loss prevention.

4. The style that you wear your hair can also be a hair loss prevention opportunity. When ever possible, avoid pulling hair into styles that require it to be pulled tight and bound with elastic for long periods of time. While hair accessories have become much more hair friendly during recent years, hairstyle such as tight ponytail, pig tails and cornrows can still do damage to the hair shaft and ultimately to the hair follicle.

5. A way to pamper yourself doubles as a hair loss prevention idea. Using satin or silk pillowcases, is thought to prevent hair loss due to the fact that a silk or satin pillowcase will cause less friction while sleeping than a cotton or flannel pillowcase. This is because the head and the hair slide across the pillow instead of needing to be forcefully pushed across.

There is a whole group of old wives’s tales that relate to hair loss prevention. These tips definatly won’t hurt to try, but really don’t do anything to combat the issue of hair loss. For instance, it has been said that standing upside down will increase blood flow to the head and that massaging the scalp or briskly brushing the hair will make the hair stay put and not fall out. This is simply not the case.

It is important to remember that even in a healthy person, it is completely normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs from the head every day. If you feel that your hair loss issues are beyond that norm, speak with your doctor or dermatologist about your concerns. They will be able to determine if the hair loss is due to a medical or age issue, and point you in the right treatment direction.

Hair Loss Causes and Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Lossing hair is a part of life that most people do not look forward to. If you have bald family members, you may be especially nervous about waking up one morning to find you pillow covered with hair, or your hair brush with more hairs than your head. If this sounds like something that you worry about, then you might want to learn some hair loss prevention tips.

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Cause of hair problems:

The cause of hair loss is most commonly related to male gender, hormonal changes and genetics. Medications can be another reason for the hair loss.

Temporary hair loss can occur in conjunction with a high fever, a severe illness, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency, general anesthesia, drug treatments, hormonal imbalance, or extreme stress, and in women following childbirth. In these conditions, a large number of hair follicles suddenly go into a resting phase, causing hair to thin noticeably

Hair Loss Solution

1.  Overuse of hair dyes, hairdryer and curling iron can aggravate the problem of hair loss, leading to baldness. Hence, do not use such products on a regular basis, if you are facing the problem of excessive loss of hair.

2.  In case you are coloring your hair on a regular basis, be sure to leave a gap of at least 6 to 8 weeks between each session. This will prevent hair loss. Let your hair turn gray naturally. After all, it is better to sport gray hair than baldness!

3.  Tight hairstyles such as braids, buns and ponytails can also lead to hair loss. The best way to prevent hair loss is to adopt easy hairstyle.

4.  Hair follicles are made of protein. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a diet rich in protein. Include protein-rich food such as low-fat cheese, eggs, almond, beans sprouts, fish, seafood and yogurt in your diet. Soy milk and tofu are smart additions to the diet, as they are enriched with protein.

5.  Calcium is another important nutrient for strengthening the hair follicles and roots in your scalp. Hence, include food rich in calcium in your diet.

6.  The next thing to a balanced diet is sound sleep. Do not compromise with seven hours of sleep, because irregular sleeping pattern is one of the leading causes for hair loss. Therefore, make sure that you sleep enough and on time.

7.  Hair care products should be chosen carefully, because they would directly affect the growth of your hair. Never use harsh shampoos, conditioners or stylizing products, because they would have a negative effect on the growth of your hair on account of prolonged use. If any such product causes hair loss, visit a dermatologist and some products that are suitable for your hair.

8.  Alcohol and tobacco are the root causes for majority of hair loss problems. Hence, quit habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol.

9.  Certain medications can also lead to hair loss. Therefore, consult your physician in case any medicine causes the heavy loss of hair.

10.  Try to use hair care products that have organic ingredients, like the herbal ones. Since such products contain less harsh chemicals, they are often suggested to people suffering from the problem of hair loss.

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Hair Loss Causes And Treatment And Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Hair loss as it is commonly understood is losing the hairs from the head. Medically, the hair loss refers to the baldness or alopecia. This is losing the hairs from the scalp in abundant quantity. Generally, losing 50-100 hairs per day can be considered as a normal physiological procedure as all those hairs can be replaced with new growing hairs. Hair loss becomes significant when one starts losing more than that figure of hairs a day.

Causes and Reasons of Hair Loss

Causes of abnormal hair fall

1.Major surgery- A person who has undergone a major surgery will have a period of vast hair loss which may sometimes require medical help to reverse.

2.Childbirth- Certain hormones, during pregnancy, sustain hair that are likely to fall out on a normal course. But after delivery, a lot of hair is lost as hair resumes the natural growth and loss cycle.

3.Thyroid disease- Hair fall is usual with thyroid disease or malfunction. But this kind of hair fall can be completely cured with proper treatment.

4.Cancer treatment procedures- Chemotherapy, indispensable in cancer treatment can promote hair thinning and breakage. The subject loses hair all over his body. When the treatment comes to an end, hair grows back.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments are many in number, especially considering that today, there is more awareness and women as well as men are equally conscious regarding hair and hair loss. The treatments that are home based are suggestions of a good and balanced dietary plan to maintain a good equilibrium of skin and hair, to drink fluid, to wash hair few times a week with the right shampoo for your hair type, to oil less but to oil few times in a few months for nourishment and to have hair supplements of natural things in case necessary.

The treatments that involve hair gain or the treatments for hair loss, in other words, are hair supplements (vitamins, proteins and so on), hair medication (the last resort to hair gain, prescribed by a reliable and a good dermatologist/tricologist), hair massages that help in hair nurturing and hair tonics (like the Indian Shahnaz Hussain herbal tonic called Shatone for hair growth and vitality)and hair treatments at renowned and established hair salons, spas, centres and spa clinics as well.

Phytotherapy Hair loss

In some cases, the use of herbal remedies or home remedies may be useful against hair loss.

In general, treatment with medicaments appears to be more effective than natural treatment:

1.Green tea: According to some studies the consumption of green tea could reduce hair loss, no study has clearly come to prove conclusively its effectiveness.

2.Sprouted wheat: For use mainly in the form of wheat germ (>> see below under Home remedies). Effective against hair loss, only if due to a deficiency of certain nutrients (rare case).

3.Millet: Generally taken in form of capsules.

Tips to prevent hair loss

Here are some tips you could use to control hair loss.

1.Avoid using shampoos regularly.

2.Adhere to herbal hair care products as far as possible.

3.Be gentle and careful while combing or handling your hair to avoid breakage.

4.Add a lot of vitamins and proteins into your diet as it help to vitalize hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

5.Eat well, sleep well and drink plenty of water.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1.A healthy diet rich in vitamins such as biotin, amino-acid, minerals and some trace elements help to strengthen and improve the hair quality, or in some cases (if linked to a deficiency of nutrients) to stop hair loss.

2.Try to avoid or reduce stress. Stress speeds up hair loss.

3.The application of some shampoo types (e.g. mild shampoos) or cosmetic products can retard hair loss and improve the hair quality.

4.Rinse well hair after applying shampoo.

5.A light and regular massage of the scalp can stimulate the blood circulation and maintain healthy hair. Ask for example your hairdresser to do this massage.

6.Wearing caps or hats does not cause hair loss, on the contrary, they may protect from the harmful effects of sun.

7.Avoid using a hair-drier, if possible dry hair in the open air.

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Damaged Hair Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Hair care Tips

When hair is damaged it becomes dull, brittle, frizzy and out of control. Causes of damaged hair include coloring and permanent chemicals, poor diet or heat from hair dryers. It’s impossible to completely repair damaged hair without cutting it off.

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Causes of Dry Damaged Hair
Hair is damaged due to various reasons and one of the most common reasons is treating hair to various harsh chemicals like hair colors, hair dyes and hair extensions, treating hair to excessive heat while straightening, blow drying, rebonding and perming, certain hairstyles like braids, etc. The signs of damaged hair are dry, brittle, split or frizzy hair ends. Hair can develop a dry texture due to the use of chlorine water while washing hair, excessive use of hair care products, pollution and chemical treatments. It can also develop dryness due lack of regular oiling, regular shampooing and conditioning. Dry and damaged hair can lead to many other hair related problems like dandruff, hair loss, etc.
Home Remedies for Damaged Hair
1. Indian gooseberry is very good for the hair. One can use this in oil form.
2. Henna conditioning also helps the hair to remain healthy. One can put an egg in henna and then apply it on the hair for sometime and then wash it off.
3. Do not brush one’s hair when wet.
4. Eat a diet consisting of essential nutrients.
5. Wash the hair regularly.
6. Get rid of dandruff with the help of dandruff shampoo.
7. One can apply about a cup of mayonnaise to hair that is damp and recently washed. The amount of usage will vary according to the length of the hair. Try coating all of the strands with mayonnaise. Place a shower cap on the head. Let it be for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with a gentle shampoo, and allow the hair to dry.
8. Mix about 1 egg with a tablespoonful of almond oil, a tablespoonful of coconut oil and about 2 tablespoonful of honey and then apply the mixture on one’s damp hair as well as freshly washed hair. Use a shower cap to cover the hair. Let the mixture remain for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with the help of a gentle shampoo.
9. Avoid making use of rubber bands. One must use coated bands to hold one’s braid or pony tail.
10. Oil made up of ginger as well a s sesame can give a silky conditioning to the hair.
11. One can go in for ginger root remedy for hair that is damaged.
12. Apple cider vinegar when applied to the hair can restore health to the hair. It provides a healthy shine to the hair. It is a good home remedy for hair that is damaged.13. A combination of olive oil as well as rosemary helps improving damaged hair.
14. One can also use a mix of coconut as well as avocado for damaged hair. Take about one egg and around ½ mashed avocados, add coconut.
15. One can use coconut sun tan oil.

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Hair loss Causes and Symptoms and Hair Loss Remedies for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss as it is commonly understood is losing the hairs from the head. Medically, the hair loss refers to the baldness or alopecia. This is losing the hairs from the scalp in abundant quantity. Generally, losing 50-100 hairs per day can be considered as a normal physiological procedure as all those hairs can be replaced with new growing hairs. Hair loss becomes significant when one starts losing more than that figure of hairs a day.

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Solution for Hair Loss

Head Massage – Massaging the scalp is believed to promote proper blood flow. This in turn is necessary to help the nutrients reach the scalp and hair strands. Some experts say that there is no clear proof that this natural hair loss treatment is effective. For some though, who may be suffering from stress induced hair loss, a gentle massage may truly be helpful.

Regular Exercise – Just like a good massage, regular exercise is also believed to assist in promoting proper blood flow that is crucial for nutrient delivery and absorption. Again, this natural hair loss treatment has been hotly debated over. Common sense would tell you though that if exercise is generally good for the body, then it must have good effects on the hair too.

Head Massage – Massaging the scalp is believed to promote proper blood flow. This in turn is necessary to help the nutrients reach the scalp and hair strands. Some experts say that there is no clear proof that this natural hair loss treatment is effective. For some though, who may be suffering from stress induced hair loss, a gentle massage may truly be helpful.

Daily diet

The healthy condition of the hair depends, to a very large extent, on the intake of sufficient amounts of essential nutrients in the daily diet. Persons with a tendency to lose hair should take a well-balanced and correct diet, made up of foods which, in combination, should supply all the essential nutrients. It has been found that a diet which contains liberal quantities of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits would provide adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients. Each food group should roughly form the bulk of one of the three principal meals. These foods should, however, be supplemented with certain special foods such as milk, vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver.

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins for hair loss has gained more popularity in recent years as a natural means to combat hair loss. While not the most common cause of hair loss, poor nutrition can cause thinning hair, bald spots or overall hair loss. If your particular case of thinning hair is due to poor nutrition, you should quickly correct that, aiming to consume a well-balanced and nourishing diet. This is incredibly important, not just as a solution to your hair loss, but also for your entire body’s health.

Hair Loss Remedies

1.  Treat the fungal infection caused on scalp by using medicinal soaps and medicines recommended by doctors.

2.  Treat several diseases, like diabetics through yoga.

3.  Use natural hair loss shampoos and lotions for hair loss treatment.

4.  Try warm oil hair massage to stimulate hair growth.

5.  Also try to reduce stress from your life through yoga and meditation.

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Hair Loss Causes and Hair Loss Prevention Tips for Hair Loss Solution

The hair on head is the sign of youth and good health. If you are losing your hair, then you may look older than you feel. Some men living in denial insist that it is easier to halt hair loss as opposed to regrowing hair. The truth is, however, that before you lose hair, there are things you can do to prevent it being worse than it needs to be. Nobody wants to lose their hair, but the fact is it happens to a lot of people every day. There are so many people from all over the world who face this problem and want to do get rid of this issue. It is possible to find help, but you need to do the right kind of research to make the right kind of decisions.

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Hair Loss Prevention Tips

1. Drink Water – 6 to 8 glasses of water is recommended to keep the body hydrated and to flush out toxins and impurities.  The cuticle (or hair shaft) is actually composed of water, so drinking more water will help keep hair looking healthy, balanced and is the number 1 tip for preventing hair loss.

2. Lifestyle – Research suggests that there is a definite link between stress and hair loss. Common stressors such as finances, work, family, relationships and health concerns can cause individual hairs to enter the third and final phase of the hair growth cycle known as the telogen phase.  This phase signifies the death of a hair follicle and on average 10-15% of scalp hair follicles are in this phase resulting in the shedding of roughly 50-100 hairs a day.  High stress levels have been shown to increase the percentage of hair follicles in the telogen phase resulting in a greater number of hairs being shed daily.  Regular exercise, getting enough sleep and a balance diet are all ways for decreasing these common lifestyle stressors and preventing sudden hair loss.

3. Hair is primarily composed of proteins such as keratin, the main structural component of hair.  Thus to prevent hair loss a diet rich in protein from meat, fish, dairy products, beans, pulses, lentils and soya is essential.  A protein rich diet can help maintain the structural integrity of the hair follicle and cuticle and research suggests that including protein in one’s diet can help strengthen hair and it has even been speculated that protein can help in the regrowth of hair.

4. A way of taking care of the place of an idea to prevent hair loss. pillowcases satin or silk use, are supposed to prevent hair loss due to the fact that a pillowcase of silk or satin will be less friction during sleep in a cotton pillowcase or fabric . This is because the head and drag the hair on the pillow instead of having to push hard through.

Hair Care Tips

These are general hair care tips, which will help you in maintaining your hair.

1. If you are into coloring your hair, remember that there should be a gap of at least seven to nine weeks between two hair coloring sessions.

2. Stop the overuse of hair dryers and curling irons. Most of them might end up damaging the health of your scalp.

3. It is not advisable to pull up and tie your hair tight for an extended period of time. These are some of the hairstyles that can damage hair shaft and hair follicles and hence, it is advisable not to tie up hair in tight ponytails, pig tails, etc.

4. Silk and satin pillow covers are recommended, as compared to cotton or flannel pillow covers. This is true because with silk and satin pillow covers the head and the hair slide on the pillow cover and need not be forcefully pushed like is the case with cotton or flannel pillow covers.

5. If you are facing hair loss problems, you may need to find out the correct hair loss prevention shampoo to arrest hair loss. With ‘find out’ I mean you will have to check which shampoo suits your hair the best.

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