Brazilian hair wefts are the hot new style this season

Models, actresses and other hair conscious people are often seen in magazines, newspapers, TV portraying the positives of the newly launched products and the effects that they have had after the use of these on their hair. It’s said that hair should be well taken care of depending upon the climate of one city to another. Otherwise serious hair problems can lead to baldness. Brazilian hair wefts are one category that have truly become famous & popular in Europe and is the most common trend of styling amongst women. However most of the women prefer straight hair depending upon their choice. So it is important not to use blow dryers or other similar equipments which last long only till the next hair wash. For this reason many new techniques have been discovered to give that glossy, shiny and perfect look to the hair. Our hair usually comprises of 88% keratin which is a kind of a protein that is found mostly in hair but also in nails and skin. There are various methods of hair extension. From clipping onto original hair to fusing them together, you can choose whatever way works best for you.

Most of the women today have opted for the Brazilian hair to get that glossy, long and bouncy look adding on to the beauty of their original hair without any side effects. This process is painless and easy and you can color your hair in whatever shade you want. However there are various things that need to be kept in mind after you have chosen the Brazilian wefts. You should regularly visit the salon after every 6-8 weeks so that your wefts are taken out and put back against your scalp in an appropriate manner.

Brazilian wefts are considered to be one of the most commonly used wefts in Europe as they are very popular. Wefts are considered to be the best among different hair extensions. It is the most natural method of hair extension. The extensions are attached to the head by sewing them into a tiny braid made out of the natural hair. It doesn’t really matter if the count of hair on your head is less, wefts are the best way to overcome it & make your hair more appealing. As mentioned earlier, these wefts can be colored into various shades. Brazilian wefts from the South American donors is often dark and hence the maximum color shade that can be applied on to them is till 8. However the various shades are 1, 1b, 2, 4, 6 and 8. These hair are usually thin and bouncy along with being a bit wavy. Hence to avoid dryness and shedding, special care needs to be taken care of them.

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