The Famous Types Of Hair Styling Combs: Info

Hair is undoubtedly, the most sensitive and significant feature, of an individual. Approximately sixty percent of your appearance is attributed to the way our hair look. The key for achieving beautiful long tresses lies in making efforts in taking proper care of hair. A sound hair care routine is very essential, in order to grow beautiful and vivacious tresses.

A comb is the most commonly used hair styling tool made of a number of materials such as wood, plastic or metal and is always toothed. It widely used in hair care for either straightening or cleaning the tresses. However, while, choosing a styling hair comb, you must vigilantly consider the hair type as thick, curly and Afro-type tresses require wide toothed comb, and require fine tail comb for styling.

Moreover, you must avoid purchasing cheap combs made in moulds, as they are sharp enough to scratch the cuticle layer of the hair. Cheap combs often lead to hair breakage and damage the hair fibers. However, you must ensure that you choose an appropriate size of the comb, according to your hair density, texture and length. Always comb the hair well, to remove tangles and knots, starting from the hair line with gentle upwards strokes to stimulate blood circulation and distributes natural oils till hair ends. Work all around the scalp as it will massage the scalp, thoroughly.

Various hair styling combs are usually varies from six to eighth inches in length and possess two different types of teeth at its either ends. One of its ends has moderately spaced teeth whereas, the other end consists of finely spaced teeth. The end you use for styling hair, depends upon your hair type and texture. The hair styling comb is best used on hair with moderate texture and density. Wide tooth comb is available in variety of sizes and shapes, and is generally larger than the ordinary styling combs. It works best for combing wet hair and curly locks. Tail comb consists of finely spaced teeth on one end and a long tail at its opposite end. The tail is used for sectioning and separating hair while, styling. Pick combs proffer great variations of wide tooth comb. These are extensively used for detangling and fluffing curly locks.


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