Long Locks And Tiaras: Wedding Styling For Long Hair

If you have long hair and you are in the process of figuring out what to do with your hair for the wedding day, reading this might just save you.

Usually, Rapunzel-like brides are scared of getting too much hair covering the front of her face under the veil. Being too uncontrollable is also one problem, so some resort into getting it trimmed or shortened for the occasion. But that shouldnt be the case. Here are a few sure-fire ways of wearing your long hair on the day of the wedding without the need of shedding a few inches.

Lay it down straight. Got gorgeous, pin-straight and perfectly glossy hair? Flaunt it out and dont even let the veil out shine it. Get a headband type tiara to help keep the strands from straying into your face as you say “I do”. Make sure that your hair wont be strangling you as the wind blows or be hooked up in the beading details of the gown. Check if the length of the hair wont be intruding the gowns cut or style.

One-sided affair. Sweep all of your locks to one side, depending on which side you feel you are most comfortable with. Only the brides with long locks can pull off this look. Additional accessories like a small tiara comb or flowers can be added to the hair style to give it a little edge and flair. The hair can be teased for more volume or curled at the bottom for a more dreamy look.

Dramatic curls. Either by a curling iron or a perm treatment, curls bring out nothing but romance and body to your wedding look. If you are going for the curls to be limited to the lower half of your hair, the headband tiara still works great as an accent. A touch up might be needed if the curls are getting out of hand before the dinner has even started.

Half up, half down. Half dos are ideal if you still want to have your hair down to brighten up your face but dont want your smile to be covered up. Skillful hairstylists can even create a rose, mini-bun or a definitive style with your hair at the back. As for accessories, an elegant yet simple tiara would do the trick – not too much but just enough to sparkle.

The classic bun. Inevitably, a big bun on top of the brides hair crowned with a sophisticated wedding tiara is all that it takes. Yes, long hair may be a waste if only kept hidden but then imagine the possiblities all because the stylists gets a lot of material to work with. With the possibility of braids, swirls, loops, teasing and weaving the look of the bun wont be just like any other out there. Paired with a tiara wrapped around the bun, this classic bride look has been the one youve been dreaming of since age 6.

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How To Care Your Hair And Use Hot Hair Tools

Hot Hair Tools can do a lot good to our hair styles makeup. To be with ideal hair, we should know more about of our hair tools and hair accessories. We may have a lot of hairstyle products, but we may not make good use if them. So it is high time that we take some measures to care our hair. In what one must pay so that the application of a hairdryer and straighteners in the long run not result in damage.
Whether sleek look, soft waves or higher plug-art – perfect hairstyles are the result of a loving styles. This mostly flat iron, hair dryer and curling iron are used. The side effects: hot strains the hair, it becomes dry. Specific heat protection products prevent, however, that it is ready. They include polymers the hair with a protective layer. How-to: Apply after washing on the wet hair, it started from about ear level and to give the tips, then spread evenly with a comb. After applying styling products.
The optimal hot hair tools Equipment
The best investment for beautiful hair: professional styling tools. Hair dryer with ion function are very gentle and dry the hair faster. Important: heat and air flow levels should be adjustable. Even over a cold setting grout should the hair dryer. A temperature display on flat iron and curling iron helps to be the right degree of heat for the hair structure to fi. Ceramic coatings protect the hair from damage.
The styling basics
The most important rules for gentle styling
1. The distance from the hair dryer to the hair should be at least 15 centimeters.
2. In case the direction of the blow-dry hair to smooth the cuticle layer.
3. Never blow too dry and hot, the fan would rather make a step higher.
4. Many hair damage caused by the fact that the heat takes too long for a job. The hair dryer in one smooth motion drove about hair: why is. When styling with the straightener device drafty drag through his hair.
5. Anyone who uses a curling iron, should the individual strands of hair from the roots wrap around the pole starting so that the rural stations peaks not directly exposed to the heat.
6. Flat iron and curling iron at the temperature plays a crucial role: For fine hair ranging up to 150 degrees, 180 degrees for normal are ideal.

Professional know-how
A deep cleansing shampoo removes Styling products. The product, however, use every three weeks, as also the natural oils of the hair can be washed out. Regular maintenance is a must: training manager– recommends kitten hair treatments with identical ingredients such as ceramides and proteins, the porous bodies. The treatments only apply where it is needed. Make this the following test: A dry lock between the finger pull and take. Only from the point at which the hair rough, incorporate the care.
More gloss for the hair
Well-groomed, shiny hair full of volume and tone are the ideal of every woman. This care and styling products provide a sparkling appearance
A shiny hair is the epitome of female beauty and sensuality. An ideal that can be achieved especially in the wet cold season severe: air humidity, temperature fluctuations and also the regular wearing of hats can the otherwise glossy hair will be dull and unruly, the hair surface looks rough. Care products help with precious oils to smooth the hair structure, making treatments surfaces again soft and malleable. And the correct way for hair washing and styling is essential for the natural shine effect: not too hot and rinse hair after washing, pat dry rather than rub. So the hair structure is protected. Wet hair is more sensitive than dry – combs and brushes should only be used with almost dry hair and heat tools are used only in combination with specific amenities.
For further hair information and tips, you may visit the website,


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